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Barrister - paul bleasdale

Year of Call:  1978

Year of Silk:  2001

Position:  Head of Industrial Disease & Personal Injury

Paul Bleasdale QC Personal Injury CV

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Senior Practice Managers
Zoe Tinnion
Clare Radburn

Practice Group Clerks
Peter Mottram
Richard Carroll
James Turner
Clare Smith
Matthew Reeves
Luke Clark

Chief Executive & Director of Clerking
Tony McDaid

Tel: +44 (0) 845 241 7005
Fax: +44 (0) 121 606 1501
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Paul Bleasdale QC - Personal Injury

Head of Personal Injury Group at No5 Chambers

Paul has significant experience in personal injury claims acting on behalf of both claimants and defendants. He has had a particular interest in industrial disease cases i.e. deafness; repetitive strain injuries; vibration white finger; industrial asthma; dermatitis; workplace stress and asbestos related disease.

In Silk, Paul has acquired extensive experience of catastrophic injury cases claims including brain damage and fatal accident claims frequently attracting awards or settlements of very high value.

Paul also has experience of undertaking multiparty litigation subject to group litigation orders.


The go-to silk on circuit for high-value personal injury cases.’
(Legal 500 2017)

Highly experienced in catastrophic injury and fatal accident claims. He also has expertise in industrial disease cases. 
"One of the best and most experienced serious injury silks in the Midlands. He doesn't shy away from difficult cases. A powerful advocate in court." "His wealth of experience, pragmatic advice and excellent client manner make him a go-to personal injury QC."
(Chambers UK 2017)

'He has an ability and desire to fight the difficult cases, providing a clear and tactical approach.’
(Legal 500 2016) 

"His wealth of experience, pragmatic advice and excellent client manner make him a go-to personal injury silk." "He is a top-drawer silk with a real desire to fight and win the difficult case."
(Chambers UK 2016)
‘His negotiation skills are scarily good.’
(Legal 500 2015) 

A personal injury specialist with extensive experience acting for claimants and defendants in catastrophic claims. He is noted for his aptitude in claims involving brain injury and industrial disease. 
"He is a go-to silk for tricky cases in liability; he's incredibly tenacious, willing to stand up and fight, and not afraid of difficult cases at all."
"He's got very  good tactical awareness and negotiating skills, so he's very accomplished not only in trials but also in settlement meetings."
(Chambers UK 2015)

‘Noted for his experience, knowledge and pragmatic approach.
(Legal 500 2014)

Paul Bleasdale QC receives widespread accolades for his specialist expertise in a range of catastrophic work, including complex brain and spinal injury claims, and industrial disease litigation.
"He is a pure litigator in the true sense of the word, and his advocacy is second to none." 
"He's the undoubted leader for serious PI in the Midlands."
(Chambers UK 2014)

No5 Chambers’ key silks include Paul Bleasdale QC, who is recommended for his ‘first-class attention to detail’, ‘encyclopaedic knowledge’, and ‘ability to deliver devastating cross-examination’ 
(Legal 500 2013)

"Paul Bleasdale QC is a "first-rate personal injury practitioner." He is widely praised for his "formidable negotiation and advocacy skills," and is a favourite of instructing solicitors due to his "genuine commitment to clients" and his "real willingness to fight difficult cases." "
(Chambers UK 2013)

''Paul Bleasdale QC who specialises in catastrophic head and spinal injury claims, singled out.''
(Legal 500 2012) 

Paul Bleasdale QC is considered to be "a wise choice if you've got a real battle on your hands." Tough in court, he is all charm outside it and a barrister who is "very sympathetic with clients." 
(Chambers UK 2011)

In its ranks it has many highly respected personal injury silks, not least personal injury and clinical negligence specialist Paul Bleasdale QC. Sources note that "few silks have the street-fighting skills" of Bleasdale, a lawyer with "a pragmatic and detailed approach to brain injury litigation." 
(Chambers UK 2010)

'Is expert in complex occupational claims and "very robust in negotiation"'
(Legal 500 2009) 

“one of the best in Birmingham,” remains a firm favourite....praised for his “straightforward style and robust advocacy.” He receives particular acclaim for his industrial disease expertise. 
(Chambers UK 2008)

“a sensible and committed advocate” 
(Chambers UK 2007)

'leading silk' 
(Chambers UK 2006)

“is highly recommended for high-value PI and industrial disease instructions.” 
(Legal 500 2006)

Described as “a dream” when it comes to solicitor-counsel relations 
(Chambers UK 2005)

“makes the best of any case” 
(Legal 500 2005)

“determined and creative” 
(Legal 500 2005)


Barnsley v Sukvinder Hannan (2017)
Claimant just graduated when hit by car while standing at bus stop.
Two cars racing: liability in dispute between them.
Claimant undergoing extensive and prolonged rehabilitation. Probably unemployable.

Lewis v Jones (2017)
Paraplegia. Returning home from abroad when driver fell asleep t the wheel.
Extraordinarily well motivated Claimant participating in wheel chair sport (rugby) and skiing after short period of rehabilitation. In process of building own bungalow at time of accident. Collaborative approach agreed with Defendant to preserve public funding for care and to progress construvtion of new house.

C v B (2017)
Riding bicycle when hit from behind by car. Catastrophic injuries: spastic quadriplegia. Complex rehabilitation needs. Difficulties over finding and funding purchase of property to live in with family.

RJ v L (2016)
RTA when 7
Case settled at age 18.
Severe traumatic brain injury. Claimant prone to verbal and aggressive outbursts and vulnerable to exploitation Unlikely to obtain or keep employment. Claimant not compliant and not willing to engage with support regimes.
Gross settlement: £3m. approved compromise on 60/40 split.

D F (2016)
RTA with catastrophic consequences crossing main road late at night. 70/30 split. Quantum complicated by liability split and poor care in nursing home. Unpredictable behaviour hampering rehabilitation. Settled on lump sum basis.

L v MES (2016)
Serious head injury at work together with orthopaedic injuries.
Claimant’s recovery and prognosis complicated by alcohol abuse and previous head injury.
Uncertainty as to whether Claimant’s marriage would survive.

V v CS (2016)
Young woman with severe learning and behavioural difficulties being introduced to living in supported home away from family when she suffered severe scalding injuries from hot bath.
Issues over extent of psychological recovery, prospects of adapting to a care package provided at home and the extent to which the Defendant was liable (if at all) for Claimant’s continuing care needs.

McDonald v Myerscough College (2016)
Trial on quantum (representing Defendant). Claimant trainee aborculturist fell out of a tree he was climbing under supervision: detached safety gear. Incomplete tetraplegia.
Split liability

H v Fusion Personnel (2016)
Indian national. Illegal over stayer involved in serious RTA. Severe physical injury and brain damage.
Defendant’s case that Claimant failed to mitigate loss by not returning to India. Claimant refused to accept he was working illegally and confident of remaining in UK. Eventually care, case management, medical and 
accommodation needs calculated on basis of return to India.

Sarwar v IBC (2015)
Acted for Defendant in workplace accident. Dispute over quantum and possible exaggeration.

O v P (2015)
Claimant injured in RTA aged 7
Lack of insight into brain injury Claimant reluctant to undertake and cooperate in rehabilitation: fixated on taking control of compensation.

CM v Parkdean Holiday Parks Ltd and Upperbay Limited (2014)
Near drowning accident involving young child. Hypoxia resulting in catastrophic brain injury. Periodical payments for care regime involving mother for life and case management.

JH v CICA (2013)
Shaken baby. Award £5 million.

CE v Boparan (2012)
Catastrophic injury to infant as a result of RTA at the age of 1 year. Periodical payments for lifetime care and case management in adapted accommodation. Claim complicated by divorce of parents and public law proceedings. Lump sum £5m: p.p. £450,000 per annum.

Gregory v ISR Logistics & ABC Express and Farrelly (2012)
“Locked in” tetraplegic. Advocate appointed to learn to communicate with claimant and speak on his behalf. Insurers purchased bungalow for adaption (purchased on behalf of claimant prior to approval hearing). Periodical payments for life for care and case management. Lump sum £2.1m: p.p. £260,000 per annum.

Powertrain Group Litigation (2010)
Group litigation on behalf of former employees of Powertrain at the Longbridge car plant, Birmingham who claimed damages for respiratory disease caused by exposure to contaminated coolant oil. The Defendants were their employers Powertrain and Houghton PLC who supplied the coolant oil and managed them on site during the material period.

Limond v Shell UK (2010)
Claimant suffering myelofibrosis (a form of bone marrow cancer) alleged to be the result of exposure to benzene while working on oil and gas installations.

Markham v ICI (2010)
Claimant suffering from bladder cancer alleged to have been caused by exposure to radiation from phosphoric acid scale blocking pipes in a fertilizer factory in 1969.

Armstrong and other Claimants v Angle Ring Company (2009) 
Seventeen employees claiming noise induced hearing loss in the Defendants' factory.

Keown v Coventry Health Care NHS Trust [2006] EWCA Civ39
Child trespasser.

Kiani v Land Rover Ltd [2006] EWCA Civ 880 

Newman v National Dock Labour Board and other Defendants (2005) 
Advising on employment status of NDLB and liability for asbestos related disease suffered while working under the NDLB scheme for companies that no longer exist and in respect of whom no insurer could be traced.

Various Claimants v Transco PLC (2005)
Claim by approximately 40 gas engineers suffering work related upper limb disorders as a result of on board computer/display screens in Transco vehicles.

Allen v British Rail Engineering Ltd [2001] EWCA and [2001] ICR 942 (CA)
Test Case: VWF


LLB (Hons)
Approved for direct public access


Personal Injuries Bar Association


Recorder - Crown and County Court
First Tier Property Tribunal Judge (Agricultural Land & Drainage) 
Honorary Professor at University of Birmingham