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Michael Anning - Crime

Michael Anning has been at the Criminal Bar for 20 years.

In that time he has developed considerable experience and expertise. Accordingly he has been instructed in cases requiring the presentation of expert evidence or the cross examination of leading experts in their own specialist fields. He also regularly receives instructions in cases where complex or novel areas of law are raised. 

He is a well established practitioner with a case load that encompasses all areas of serious crime undertaking work for both the prosecution and defence.

He has particular experience in cases involving vulnerable witnesses or defendants. He also represents those with mental health concerns where issues of fitness to plead or stand trial are raised.

He is well versed and has considerable experience in cases requiring special measures for the presentation of evidence in court such as video and TV links.

Specialist Areas:

Serious crimes of violence - murder, manslaughter, arson, armed robbery and other serious crimes against the person.

Sexual offences - rape, sexual assaults, historic sexual abuse, offences committed against young children.

Drug offences - conspiracy offences, importations, drug supply, cultivation and production of drugs.

Fraud - revenue offences, benefit fraud, internet fraud.


BA Hons (Dunelm)
LLB Hons (Lond)


Michael is a member of the Midland Circuit and the Criminal
Bar Association.


R v Ghani
Murder. Junior counsel for the prosecution in a complex case in which a multi layered defence was raised. Several expert witnesses gave evidence on psychiatric and behavioural issues.

R v Cartwright
Murder. Junior counsel for the defence representing a female defendant in an allegation of 'joint enterprise' murder.

R v Miah
Murder / Perverting the course of justice. Representing a female defendant in an allegation of disposing of a dismembered body.

R v Pinchi
Sexual assault of an historic nature alleged against multiple victims. Representing the defendant. 

R v Wyse
Sexual Assault. Defence of a man accused of sexual abuse of a young girl. Breach of trust in a quasi parental relationship.

R v Lynch
Blackmail. Representing main defendant in a multi defendant blackmail trial.

R v Rayat
Sexual Assault. Prosecution counsel on allegations of sexual assault.

R v Hussain
Sexual Assault. Prosecution counsel on allegations of sexual assault.

R v Wooton
Indecent Assault (offences under the 'old law'). Prosecution counsel on allegations of indecent assault.