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Mark Renouf - International Arbitration & Trade

(All the following cases have been heard in the courts of Jersey)

Asset Recovery and Tracing Claims
The more notable cases involving asset recovery and tracing claims have included the cases of In the matter of the application of HSBC International Bank in which US$1 million was recovered for the client in spite of tracing claims, on the basis it was a bona fide purchaser for value without notice, and In the matter of the application of Abbey National Treasury International Limited in which funds were received
for a defrauded investor.

Trust Applications
Trust applications have included appearing for the minor and unborn beneficiaries in the Representation of Lex Trust Company Limited and in the Representation of Compass Trustees Ltd v McBarnett (the latter being reported, being a distribution to a non-beneficiary). In the matter of the Désastre of Chimel Trustee Company Limited et al: three separate successful applications for the transfer of trust
assets from a bankrupt trustee to new service providers.

Orders in Aid
Applications were successfully made on behalf of trustees in bankruptcy in the Representation of Nicholas Dargan and in the Representation of HW Fricker. 

He has represented the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom in three separate cases, involving the recovery of assets including the reported case of FSA v Fraser, Lindhardt & Webb PLC.

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• FT Law and Tax, looseleaf: "The International Tracing of Assets", Jersey section
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Married & resides Jersey


University of London (Queen Mary & Westfield College)