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Mamta Gupta Clinical Negligence

Mamta is a Clinical Negligence specialist. She has extensive experience in the full gamut of medical negligence work.  Mamta works on complex matters including those involving multiple Defendants and of high value awards, both in her own right and when acting as Junior with Leading Counsel. 

She is consistently ranked in the Legal Directories for her work in Clinical Negligence as a "widely respected junior who is noted for her outstanding client skills’" who is “great with clients”.

Mamta has widespread experience in obstetric and gynaecological matters.  As well as being a delegated speaker for AvMA, she regularly provides seminars to professional clients on a variety of subjects recently including shoulder dystocia, perineal tears, vaginal mesh/TVT and CTG traces.

Recent cases include:

Brain Injury
Cerebral Palsy claim with Leading Counsel; causation and quantum in dispute
GP failure to diagnose sub-arachnoid haemorrhage resulting in further haemorrhage and permanent neuropsychological symptoms
Fatal cerebral palsy claim

Spinal Injury
- Tetraplegic case with Leading Counsel, liability and quantum in dispute;
- Cauda equina syndrome caused by negligent spinal surgery;
- GP/Hospital failure to identify symptoms of CES/refer for urgent scanning;

- Wrongful birth claim with Leading Counsel; [child born with Downs Syndrome]
- Various matters involving mismanagement of labour resulting in serious disabilities including Erbs Palsy, permanent learning difficulties, fertility issues and pain syndromes;
- Failure to carry out Caesarean Section resulting in 4th degree perineal tear and permanent bowel sphincter and psychiatric injury;
- Delay in carrying out Caesarean section leading to permanent symptoms of incontinence, reduced fertility and psychological issues;
- Bladder/uterine injury caused during laparoscopy to treat ectopic pregnancy leading to incontinence, pain syndrome and gynaecological issues;

Vaginal mesh/TVT cases resulting in permanent pain/gynaecological and psychiatric issues; Cases include mesh used for SUI and POP;
- Failure to diagnose Ogilvie’s Syndrome after Caesarean section leading to spontaneous caecal perforation, laparotomy and permanent pain syndrome;
- Sub-standard placement of laparoscopic clip during subtotal hysterectomy;
- Unnecessary instrumental delivery without episiotomy leading to 4th degree peritoneal tear and permanent incontinence;
- Negligent treatment of endometriosis resulting in significantly reduced fertility and permanent complications with the right kidney/ureter;
- Failure to identify bowel perforation during laparoscopic hernia repair;
- Delay in treating dehisced Caesarean section wound, leading to delayed wound healing and psychiatric injury;
- Failure to identify symptoms of an ovarian cyst leading to laparotomy and salpingo-oophrectomy;

GP and hospital failures in identifying and treating sepsis resulting in death;
Representing Family of young mother who died following negligence in treating sepsis causing death;

Failure to diagnose retinal detachment resulting in permanent visual distortion;
GP failure to appropriately investigate proptosis causing benign tumour to transform to adenocarcinoma causing loss of eye;
Representing Optometrist against claim of failure to position intra-ocular lens appropriately;
Representing Consultant Opthalmic Surgeon for failing to obtain informed consent before proceeding to cataract removal and exchange with symphony lens allegedly leading to poor vision, floaters and glare with bright lights;

Failure to administer appropriate doses of anaesthesia leading to MI and death;

Failure to identify ruptured Achilles tendon leading to chronic pain syndrome;
Orthopaedic mismanagement inc. cases arising out of complications following hip and knee replacements
Delay in diagnosing scaphoid fracture leading to avoidable surgery and longstanding injury;
Failure to remove drill/screws after shoulder joint replacement surgery causing osteoarthritis;

Cosmetic Procedures
Cosmetic surgery failures including breast implants and reconstruction surgery
Representing private GP against claim of negligent Brazilian butt-lift;
Negligent rhinoplasty against private doctor resulting in asymmetry and collapsed nostrils;

Oncological cases including delay in diagnosis of glioblastoma and prostate and colon cancers leading to permanent symptoms, avoidable chemo/radiotherapy, reduced life expectancy and death;
Failure to identify DCIS/pre-invasive cancer on mammogram/MRI resulting in death;
Delay in diagnosing minor’s medulloepithelioma resulting in additional unnecessary procedures and chemotherapy;

Anaesthetic failures leading to cardiac arrest and death;
Vascular surgery cases inc. those concerning failures in treating lymphoedema and delay in diagnosing aortic aneurysm;
Cardiological cases including failure to treat diabetes before CABG surgery resulting in mediastinitis and osteomyelitis and failure to provide appropriate mobility advice after CABG surgery leading to chronic pain syndrome;

Failure to take account of the reaction between drugs causing longstanding injury;
Failure in prescribing the wrong medication;
Failure to end prescription of medication causing long term neurological conditions

Care/Nursing Homes
Negligent care of elderly patients in hospital and care/nursing homes;

Failure to carry out adequate falls risk assessments;
Pressure sore cases concerning tissue viability failures and failures to turn/risk assess appropriately;

ENT cases
Failure to diagnose temporo-mandibular joint pain dysfunction syndrome leading to permanent tinnitus;
Negligent insertion of bilateral grommets causing tinnitus;


"She is an impressively tenacious advocate who prepares her advice and submissions carefully. She can be relied upon to find the weaknesses in either side’s argument, which helps to head off problems later in the case."
Chambers UK 2019

‘Brilliant at cross-examining medical experts.’
Legal 500 2019

A widely respected junior who is noted for her outstanding client skills. She comes particularly recommended for cases involving obstetrics and gynaecology.  "Great with clients - she does a good job of putting them at ease." "She's very easy to work with and turns work around quickly."
Chambers UK 2018

“She fights her client’s corner with vigour.”
Legal 500 2017    

A widely respected junior, she is noted for her outstanding client skills and dedication. She is frequently instructed in cases involving obstetrics and gynaecology. "She's empathetic and you feel that she will go the extra mile for the clients." "Always delivers what she promises."
Chambers UK 2017

Sources highlight her exemplary client care and her skilled handling of sensitive gynaecological and obstetric cases. A well-respected advocate, she is predominantly instructed on behalf of claimants. 
Strengths:  “She is excellent in gynaecological cases and great with clients; she does a good job of putting clients at ease.” “She is very easy to work with and turns work around quickly.”
Chambers UK 2016

A clinical negligence specialist whose practice focusses predominantly on representing claimants. She is noted for her work with female claimants on complex and sensitive cases.
"She has a really good eye for detail."
Chambers UK 2015


Finding liability, P.I.L.J. 2018, 164(Apr), 5-7

(2016) An ever-changing landscape. Personal Injury Law Journal P.I.L.J. (2016/17) No.151 (Dec/Jan), pp8-10


BSc (Hons) Pharmacology 2(i)
Dip Law (Commendation)
Dip International Relations [New York University]
Programme on Negotiation, [Harvard Law School]


Lincolns Inn Lord Denning Scholar [Bar Vocational Course] 
Lincolns Inn Lord Wolfson Scholar [Pupillage] 
Inner Temple Pegasus Scholar [New Zealand] 


Personal Injury Bar Association
Professional Negligence Bar Association


Mamta sits on the Retention sub-committee for the Equality and Diversity Committee at the Bar Council.

Before joining the Bar, Mamta worked in the City as a Management Consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers for 2 years and on the Africa Desk at the Foreign Commonwealth Office for 15 months [including going on mission].  Mamta also taught English in Tokyo for 15 months.

Languages - Proficient Hindi and French, [Diploma, Universite Stendhal, Grenoble and Diplomatic French Diploma, FCO].  Basic Japanese.

  • Re: LK – (2018) – wrongful birth case with Leading Counsel where mother was not given the option of chromosomal screening and gave birth to her son with Downs Syndrome
  • Re: LP – (2018) – 5 day trial representing Claimant alleging failure in carrying out instrumental delivery causing 4th degree perineal tear;
  • Re: ZC -  Failure to identify DCIS/pre-invasive cancer on the mammogram/MRI resulting in death; the Deceased is survived by 7 children; liability and causation in dispute;
  • Re: PW – (2017) – Trial on behalf of the Claimant alleging failure to provide the Deceased to provide with adequate nutrition which resulted in severe malnutrition, refeeding syndrome, sepsis and death;
  • Re: HS – (2017) – Represented Doctor for negligent private Brazilian Butt-lift treatment, settled at JSM
  • Re: JG – (2017) with Leading Counsel. Erbs Palsy case, liability, causation and quantum in issue, no medical records of the delivery, settled at JSM - £575K
  • Re: TS – (2016 -) with Leading Counsel.  Cerebral Palsy case; causation and quantum in issue;
  • Re: JL – (2016 - ) Fatal case made on behalf of husband on behalf of himself and two young dependents, where young wife/mother died after failures to treat sepsis by Practice Nurse and Hospital, liability, causation and quantum in issue – claim value £700K. 
  • Re: B – fatal case where failures in treating sepsis resulted in death – claim settled at £120K
  • Re: PD – (2014-) Delay in diagnosis of patellae malposition resulting in permanent disability in a wheelchair – claim value around £950K, proceeding to JSM;
  • Re: SC - (2014) with Leading Counsel.   Gynaecological case settled at £600K.  Issue was that the Claimant's prognosis for recovery was disputed and could only be confirmed upon the Claimant undergoing a PMP.  Matter settled at JSM before Claimant entered into PMP.
  • Re: JL - (2012) with Leading Counsel.  Erbs Palsy settled at £700K.  Defendant admitted failure to carry out caesarean section given pathological CTG traces.  Issue was whether the Claimant also suffered brain damage as a result of a prolonged period of hypoxia during labour.  The case settled on the basis that no brain damage had been suffered.
  • Re: PF - (2012) with Leading Counsel.  Tetraplegic case.  Liability was admitted and outstanding issue was causation and quantum.  Work involved assimilating C&P evidence including case management and accommodation claims to value the claim.