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Barrister - jasvir mann

Year of Call:  1990 (Bar: 2001)

Jasvir Mann Crime CV

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Senior Practice Manager
Andrew Trotter

Practice Group Clerks
Craig Nicholls
Michael Powell 
Drew Platt
James Harte
Daniel Lillis
Marc Forrest-Thomas

Chief Executive & Director of Clerking
Tony McDaid

Tel: +44 (0) 845 210 5555
Fax: +44 (0) 121 606 1501
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Jasvir Mann - Crime

Jasvir is a former solicitor of 11 years plus standing who transferred to the Bar in 2001.

Practices in all areas of criminal law. Regularly appears as trial Counsel in serious cases (e.g. armed robberies, S.18, GBH, etc) and has also been led by Queen’s Counsel on a number of occasions.


LLB (Hons) (Manch)


R –v- Singh
Defendant acquitted following an attempted murder retrial. Stabbing at Vaisakhi celebration in Handsworth Park

R –v- G
Businessman charged with a number of serious exposure offences

R –v- P & M
Represented defendants charged with violent disorder following violence between Wolverhampton and West Bromwich football fans

R –v- Thompson
Part of Operation Vestige, a trial involving Defendants charged with sham marriages involving Jamaican nationals

R –v- Wilkinson
Defendant charged as part of an Armed Robbery at a bookmakers shop

R –v- Shaw
Murder trial involving stabbing at a wedding reception

R –v- N
Multi Handed murder trial involving a shooting 

R –v- B
Multi Handed murder trial involving the beating and stabbing of 2 pensioners