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James Doyle - Crime

James has acted exclusively for the defence in criminal cases throughout his career. He has appeared in practically every one of the Crown Courts of England and Wales. He has represented as a leading junior numerous defendants in trials involving complex and very substantial allegations of financial crime, environmental regulatory offences and drug conspiracies. He is widely acknowledged as an excellent jury advocate.

He represented a director of a leading international pharmaceutical public corporation from 2006 to 2009 in one of the largest SFO prosecutions to date. This case involved allegations of corporate price fixing within the generic pharmaceutical UK market (R –v- Goldshield Group PLC and others).

James also specialises in defending serious allegations of sex crime.


Diploma International Human Rights


Middle Temple
Criminal Bar Association 
POCLA (Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association)
Serious Fraud Panel Member


Regulatory Offences:
R v Williams: Caernarfon CC (serious breaches of environmental law regulatory provisions) (March 2014)
R & Shepherd: Teesside CC (serious breaches of environmental law regulatory provisions - leading junior) (September - December 2013)
R v Baguley: Preston CC (money laundering/environmental law-leading junior) (2011)
R v Peters & another: Preston CC (money laundering/environmental law-leading junior) (2011)

Financial Crime: 
R v Ellis: Birmingham CC (Operation Ivanhoe: Insurance and e-commerce fraud) (January - March 2017)
R v Pawloska and others: Harrow CC (Operation Kernow: car insurance fraud) (June - July 2016) 
R v M No3: Birmingham CC (car trade fraud) (September-October 2015) 
R v Stanton and others: Birmingham CC (Operation Damascus) (August-September 2015) 
R v Bennett and others: Birmingham CC (building trade fraud) (May-June 2015) 
R v Oliver: Birmingham CC (substantial theft from employer) (March 2015) 
R v M No2: Birmingham CC (car trade fraud) (February-March 2015) 
R v Arid: Warwick CC (jewellery fraud) (December 2014) 
R v Roberts: Southwark CC (property fraud) (September 2014)
R v Mahmood and others: Birmingham CC (motor trade fraud) (May-June 2014)
Rv Piperdi and others: Leeds CC (motor insurance fraud) (February-April 2014)
R v Miah and others: Bournemouth CC (million pound confiscation hearing) (January 2014)
R v Grange & Others: Manchester CC (multi-million pound drug confiscation order hearing) (July-Sept 2013)
R v Owen: Hereford CC (5 day s23 POCA application regarding multi-million pound confiscation order) (July 2013)
R v C: Blackfriars CC (non co-operation with company liquidators) (May/July 2013)
R v Michalek: Reading CC (money laundering) (2011)
R v Baguley: Preston CC (money laundering/environmental law-leading junior) (2011)
R v Peters & another: Preston CC (money laundering/environmental law-leading junior) (2011)
R v Biscoe: Plymouth CC (money laundering – leading junior) (2010) (VHCC)
R v Robertson & others: Southwark CC (duty fraud-leading junior) (2010) (VHCC)
R v Shah & others: St Albans CC (NHS fraud- leading junior ) (2009)
R v Riasat & others: Birmingham CC (money laundering-leading junior) (2009)
R v GG: Southwark CC (pharmaceutical manufacturers’ cartel fraud) (2006-2009) (VHCC)
R v Patel & others: Reading CC (conspiracy to steal from Bosch plc-leading junior) (2008)
R v Kohli & others: Northampton CC (VAT carousel fraud) (2007) (VHCC)
R v Al-Gabri & others: Croydon CC (Motor insurance fraud-leading junior) (2007)
R v Leo & others: Luton CC (conspiracy to steal/money laundering-leading junior) (2006)
R v Jones & others: Worcester CC (counterfeiting-leading junior) (2004-2006)
R v Al-Hakim & others: Harrow CC (motor insurance fraud-leading junior) (2005) (VHCC)
Irish Office for Recovery of Assets v Waldron: Irish High Court (confiscation) (2002-2005)

Drug Offences
R v King and others: Leicester CC (Conspiracy to produce cannabis) (October 2016 - January 2017)
R v Walters and others: Birmingham CC (Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs- Operation Bluetail) (March - April 2016)
R v Flynn & others: Birmingham CC (conspiracy to supply class A drugs - Operation Vidar) (November 2015 - January 2016) 
R v Bushi: Kingston CC (conspiracy to supply class A drugs) (November 2014)
R v Ennis: Birmingham CC (conspiracy to supply class A Drugs) (November 2014)
R v Tu & others: CCC (conspiracy to cultivate cannabis - largest investigation of this type of offence in the European Union) (trial: October 2012 to January 2013) (leading junior) (VHCC)
R v Cooper & others: Maidstone CC (conspiracy to supply cocaine/3 month trial-leading junior) (2012)
R v Dang & others: CCC (conspiracy to cultivate cannabis) (2011) (VHCC)
R v Jameel & others: Manchester CC (conspiracy to supply cocaine/3 month trial-leading junior) (2011)
R v Ford & others: Southwark CC (conspiracy to supply cocaine/money laundering – 110 kilos cocaine/10 million pounds laundered) (2009) (VHCC)
R v Markall: ILCC (supply of 120 kilos cocaine) (2009)

Offences of serious violence:
R v Jones: Warwick CC (attempted murder) (January 2017)
R v Nawaz and others: Birmingham CC (Murder) (August - September 2016)
R v Connors: Cardiff CC (Slavery/Servitude/Kidnap- Operation Imperial) (April-May 2016)
R v Mohammed: Birmingham CC (Arson with intent to endanger life) (July 2015) 
R v Brannigan and others: Wolverhampton CC (Aggravated burglary) (June-July 2015) 
R v C: Birmingham CC (Kidnap) (January/February 2014)
R v L: Wolverhampton CC (Kidnap) (November 2013)
R v Abdallah & others: CCC (murder / attempted murder / violent disorder) (leading junior) (Febuary 2013 - May 2013)
R v Mohammed Hussein: Birmingham CC (conspiracy to prevent the course of justice /  possession of firearms with the intent to danger life) (January 2013)
R v Williams and others: CCC (riot case) (2012) 
R v Aslam & others: Bradford CC (murder) (2010)
R v Fullalove: CCC (attempted murder) (2010)
R v Hudson: Cambridge CC (manslaughter) (2010)
R v Prince: CCC (attempted murder) (2009)
R v Pulham & others: CCC (conspiracy to cause GBH-leading junior) (2005)
R v Best & others: CCC (murder) (2004)
R v James: CCC (murder) (2003)
R v Draghici & another : CCC (murder) (2000) 

Sexual Offences: 
R v D: Birmingham CC (rape) (February - March 2016)
R v LD: Birmingham CC (rape) (January 2016)
R v I: Leicester CC (rape) (July 2015) 
R v L: Birmingham CC (rape) (July 2015) 
R v C: Warwick CC (rape) (February 2015) 
R v D: Hereford CC (rape) October 2014)
R v K: Norwich CC (rape) (August 2014)
R v B: Birmingham CC (rape) (April 2014)
R v H: Hull CC (rape) (April-May 2014)
R v P: Worcester CC (rape) (February 2014)
R v Pinney: Oxford CC (rape) (March 2013)
R v Standing: Preston CC (rape) (2012)
R v Ross: Birmingham CC (rape) (2012) 
R v S: Manchester CC (sexual assault/allegation against police officer) (2010)
R v Cava: Sennelager Military Court Centre (assault by penetration) (2010)
R v Miah & others: Maidstone CC (rape) (2009)
R v Jasionias & others: Woolwich CC (rape) (2009) 

Driving Offences:
R v Khan: Shrewsbury CC (Causing death by dangerous driving) (February 2014)