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Gareth Evans QC - Crime

Criminal Fraud & Proceeds of Crime, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Fraudulent Insurance Claims

Gareth was called to the Bar in 1973 and completed his pupillage at No5 from where he has practised the whole of his professional life.

During his early years at the Bar he lectured Criminal Law to degree level.

In 1982 Gareth was appointed Junior of the then Midland and Oxford Circuit.

In 1993 Gareth was appointed a Recorder of the Crown Court.

In 1994 Gareth was appointed a QC and became an accredited mediator.

From 1994 Gareth has been involved in training advocacy to members of the Midland and Oxford Circuit.

In 1995 Gareth became Deputy Head of Chambers.

From 2002-2007 Gareth was the Head of Chambers during a time when chambers opened offices in both London and Bristol and almost doubled in size. 

In 2006 Gareth was elected as Birmingham Law Society Barrister of the Year.

In 2007 Gareth was elected to be a Master of the Bench of
Gray’s Inn.

In 2008 Gareth was elected as Leader of the Midland Circuit.

Gareth’s practice background within the Criminal Law Group covers all areas of serious crime including:

-Murder, manslaughter and serious sexual offences
-Prosecuting and defending health and safety prosecutions
-Prosecuting on behalf of the Hearing Aid Council
-Serious fraud (VAT, company, money laundering) 
-Large drug cases 

Gareth is user-friendly and has won numerous plaudits from legal publications over the last 15 years including being described as “outstanding” and “one of those rare barristers who is both brilliant and comprehensible”.


LLB (Hons)


Gareth is a member of the Criminal Bar Association, the Personal Injuries Bar Association.


Leader of the Midland Circuit
Recorder - Crown and County Courts 
Accredited Mediator


A selection of Notable Cases:-

R -v- Disharn Downie (2016) (Birmingham) Defended in a drug-related shooting murder. Defendant was aged 17 at time of shooting. Identification main issue. Sentenced to life imprisonment with a 21 year minimum term of imprisonment.

R -v- Coyle (2005) (Leeds) - Represented defendant who was part of a group who assaulted a 15 year old girl with an undiagnosed heart condition and died. Convicted after a 9 day trial. The conviction was overturned by the Court of Appeal and a non custodial sentence for affray imposed.

R -v- Trickett-Smith (2006) (Wolverhampton) - Represented defendant in a 7 month £35m Carousel fraud.

R -v- Jackson (2007) - Represented defendant who was charged with her co-accused of murdering her partner in conjunction with her daughter and former husband. Pleaded to manslaughter after Prosecution accepted that the defendant did not know the level of violence that would be used.

R -v- Kavanagh (2007) (Manchester) - Gang related murder case concerning drugs.

R -v- Kumar (2008) (Birmingham) - Prosecuted a domestic murder where the defendant stabbed his wife in a frenzy in front of their children after the deceased had a affair. The defendant was sentenced to life imprisonment.

R -v- Fox (2008) (Chester) - Defended a multi handed murder where the accused set fire to a caravan with the deceased still in it over a £250 debt. The accused was sentenced to a minimum of 21 years after a 3 week trial involving a cut throat defence.

R -v- X (2008) (Birmingham) - Prosecuted a multi handed 21 count Historical Sexual assault case where the offences went back to 1969. The defendants were all family members and were convicted after a 4 week retrial.

R -v- Faulds (2008) (Nottingham) - Defended a multi handed murder case where the deceased had been stabbed in the neck with a broken vodka bottle, punched and kicked in the head after becoming involved in a confrontation with the defendants as he walked home from a party. The 16 year old defendant was sentenced to a minimum of 9 years after a 4 week trial.

R -v- Cartwright (2008) - Defended a 7 day murder trial following an altercation in the street.

R -v- Stead (2009) (Stafford) - Defended a domestic murder where the defendant was charged 7 years after the offence following a second police investigation. Expert evidence on fire called. The defendant was on bail throughout the proceeding but was convicted following a 4 week trial.

R -v- Bodinar (2010) (Birmingham) - Prosecuted a two handed murder involving a stabbing in the street of a man who was protecting his prostitute girlfriend.

R -v- Griffiths (2010) (Birmingham) - Prosecuted the pilot of a gyrocopter for gross negligence manslaughter involving the killing of a hunt supporter.

R -v- (2010) (Birmingham) - Prosecution of a murder where the main evidence was the hearsay evidence of a now deceased witness.

R -v- O'Dell (2010) (Birmingham) - Prosecuted a man who was charged with an apparently motiveless killing.

R -v- Mohammed (2010) (Birmingham) - Represented one of three defendants who were charged with the attempted murder of a person involved in a family feud. Prosecution aborted after cross-examination of a prosecution witness.

R -v- Hood and Phillips (2011) (Birmingham) - Prosecuted love triangle murder where ex boyfriend was killed at female defendant’s behest by new boyfriend.Body then disposed of in lake. Killer pleaded guilty and gave evidence against woman defendant who was convicted after a lengthy complicated trial.

R -v- Lawton (2011) (Birmingham) - Prosecuted domestic murder where issue was intent.

R -v- Whittle (2011) (Nottingham) - Defended drug related murder.

R -v Beckford and others (2011) (Birmingham) - Defended young woman for a frenzied stabbing of friend over a trivial family dispute.

R -v- Parkes and others (2011) (Shrewsbury) - Killing of drunken inadequate by group of 3”friends”. Defended one who was convicted of manslaughter.

R -v- Colombo (2011) (Wolverhampton) - Prosecuted woman who killed abusive boyfriend.

R -v- Hassan (2011) (Birmingham) - Prosecuted drug related attempted murder.

R -v- Wathen (2012) (Wolverhampton) - Prosecuted elderly man who strangled his wife who was about to leave him.

R -v- Narwain (2012) (Birmingham) - Defended one of 3 defendants who were charged with the murder of a rival drug dealer.

R -v- Ceepron Christian (2012) (Birmingham) - Prosecuted young man who killed another young man.Gang related.

R -v- Hepburn (2012) (Stafford) - Defended man who brutally killed a very young child of his then partner.

R -v- Sterling and Trail (2012) (Birmingham) - Defended a young woman charged with an extensive dental fraud involving her mother

R -v- Marray (2013) (Birmingham) - Defended Liverpool solicitor in trial for perverting course of justice.

R -v- Golding (2013) (Worcester) - Defended in trial of drug related murder.

R -v- Martin (2013) (Birmingham) - Prosecuted man convicted of arson related manslaughter)and members of his family for perverting course of justice.

R -v- Rama (2013) (Wolverhampton) - Prosecuted 4 defendants charged with “Hawala”money laundering.

R -v- Andrews, Clarke Davies and Knowles (2013) (Birmingham) - Prosecuted a trial of 4 defendants for “torture”murder of ex-soldier.

R -v- Ozen (2013) (Lincoln) - Defended in a trial of a man charged with a double murder and attempted murder.

R -v- Curran (2014) (Birmingham) - Successfully defended a defendant who was accused of being an armed robber. Evidence against him included “full DNA profile” found on cloth dropped at scene by a robber.

R -v- Thomas (2015) (Birmingham) - Successfully defended mother who was tried for murder of her own infant child.

R -v- Montgomery (2015) (Stafford) - Prosecuted husband who murdered wife in brutal attack. Post murder was seen in video footage taken from cameras fitted to his lorry, disposing of a rolling pin that was used in the attack.

Callum Willcocks (2015) [Liverpool] Defence Counsel in domestic murder where Defendant strangled his girlfriend.It was a retrial ordered by the Court of Appeal. Complex issues regarding personality disorder involving detailed cross examination of psychiatrist and psychologist.

Ozekell Empire (2016) [Birmingham] Prosecuted domestic murder, complex issues of fitness to plead resulting in indefinite hospital order

Muhammed Hammad (2016) [Birmingham] Defended a murder trial involving disputed fire and medical evidence. The Defendant set fire to wife and then doused himself in white spirit and ignited it and alleged that his wife had started the fire which he then attempted to put out with his bare hands.  

Stephen & Julie Beards (2016) [Leicester] Prosecuted murder and rape trial. Victim was a 20 year old girl who suffered from learning difficulties. She was lured to the Defendant's home, drugged, raped and killed. Stephen Beards was convicted of Murder and Rape and was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 33 years. Julie Beards was convicted of manslaughter and is awaiting a re-trial on the rape charge.The case involved the use of an intermediary.