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Elizabeth Power - Criminal Fraud

Elizabeth Power was called to the Bar in 1996 and has practiced exclusively in the field of crime. She spent the first eight years of her practice in the East Midlands before joining chambers.

Her practice is focused particularly in the fields of: -
Complex drug related offences
Sexual offences such as rape and sexual abuse of children
Child cruelty
Serious offences of violence
Customs and Excise evasion

Elizabeth also has experience in the conduct and management of 'Very High Cost Cases'.


2.1 LLB (Hons) (Sheffield University)


R -v- Fraser (2010) Succesful Defence junior in one of the largest and most complex international investment frauds prosecuted by the SFO.Represented the CEO of an international group of 108 companies across 5 continents and 34 countries who was acquitted following 27 days of interlocutary hearing and a trial lasting 160 days. Over 500,000 pages the alleged Ponzi fraud amounted to £250m defrauding US celebrity investors and large scale financial institutions throughout the world's major tax havens. More than 25 expert witnesses were called covering areas as diverse as Securities exchanges, mining valuations, administrators and receivers obligations, Customs Bond Houses, US and Carribean Regulatory Requirements, FBI & CIA Investigations and Japanese Banking Industry Policies and Procedures.

R -v- Hassan (2011) Defendant charges with conspiracy to obtain criminal property/money laundering. Part of a gang who accessed credit card details through ebay etc and used them to buy high value goods including cars.

R -v- H (2011) Defendant charged with serious sexual offences

R -v- D (2011) Defendant convicted following a 5 day trial in Bradford involving serious sexual offences

R -v- Hoekstra (2010) Defended acquitted lorry driver who was charged as part of Operation Barussa 2 a massive conspiracy to import vast quantaties of drugs.

R -v- R (2010) Defendant acquitted of 5 counts of sexual assault. Complex issues involving marital breakdown

R -v- B (2010) Defendant charged with serious sexual assaults, legal argument concerning joinder

R -v- P (2008) Represented juvenile defendant charged with manslaughter after 2 brothers set fire to a vacant building resulting in the death of 2 homeless people. Complex issues concerning the defendants IQ and fitness to plead

R -v- Murray (2009) Defendant charged with Money Laundering and Conspiracy to supply drugs

R -v- Austin (2008) Junior Counsel in alleged contract killing. High Profile trial at the Central Criminal Court which collapsed due to witness annonimity concerns

R -v- Booth (2007) Defence Junior Counsel in Operation Fearless, a large scale conspiracy to supply class a drugs across Derbyshire. The case also involved issues concerning Proceeds of Crime

R v Warde and others [2005] - Junior Defence Counsel in a £21 million class A drug conspiracy, which involved an international criminal network 

R v Wilson and others [2005] - Defence Counsel in a multi handed £1.5 million cigarette evasion of duty

R v Kiel and others [2003] - Defence Counsel in a multi handed drug conspiracy. Representing the only defendant to be acquitted by the jury

R v Wilson [2003] - Counsel for the defence in a serious kidnap and rape trial before Mr Justice Hunt, acquitted by the jury of the substantive counts.

R v Izzard [2002] - Junior Defence Counsel in a baby shaking

R v F & S [1999] Represented juvenile appellants at the Court of Appeal before the then Lord Chief Justice Bingham on a point of law involving the period of detention to which 17 year olds were to be subject. Reported in Archbold 1999 edition.