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Ekwall Singh Tiwana - Criminal Fraud & Proceeds of Crime

Ekwall specialises in defending in serious fraud cases and is fully versed in all aspects of the proceeds of crime and money laundering legislation. He has been instructed to represent a number of clients facing prosecution by the serious fraud office and company directors who have been accused of stealing and defrauding companies and the revenue of many millions of pounds. He has considerable experience in these specialist fields and has a good understanding of the commercial and financial aspects aspects of serious fraud.

Ekwall advises international companies and directors on compliance issues in India and the UK.

Ekwall is readily aware of the need for early preparation in these types of cases which forms the backgroud for effective case management.

He has appeared in the magistrates, crown , divisional and appellate courts in matters associated with confiscation, money laundering and restraint proceedings both criminal and civil.

Ekwall is fully acquainted with all aspects of the disclosure duties and statutory requirements. Ekwall is on the VHCC panel.

Ekwall is a qualified arbitrator. He has organised conferences in India and has strong links with the country.


- LLB Honours
- Arbitrator


• R v Delroy Facey (Birmingham Crown Court 2015) - defended former premier league striker on conspiracy to bribe charges 
• R v M Bray (Grimsby Crown Court 2015) defendant received suspended sentence in high value fraud case
•  R -v- Richardson BL - Wolves Fans on Trial
•  R -V- Morris D. (David)  - Three Jailed For Drugs Worth £500k Hidden in Cereal Bags 
•  R v RS (Birmingham 2014) Representing Indian client in multi jurisdictional million pound money laundering 
•  R v D (Birmingham 2014) Representing two clients on multi million pounds company tax evasion 
•  R v C (Swindon Crown court 2014) High value breach of trust fraud  
• R v Hall - (Nottingham 2013) - multi million pound tobacco importation defendant avoids prison
• R v Grey - (Wolverhampton 2013) - £55000 benefits fraud defendant avoids prison 
• R v IB - (2013) - vat fraud defendant acquitted
• R v Sowden (2013) tobacco importation defendant avoids prison
• R v WS (Wolverhampton 2013) defendant acquitted on trading standards fraud
• R v Bennett (2012) large scale vat fraud
• R v Foster ( 2012) Lincoln conspiracy to steal over 750 000 worth of tractors 
• R v Toon - 2012 - large scale supply of class A drugs 
• R Cagiana 2012 - Warwick - importation of heroin 
• R v Ankrett 2012 Wolverhampton - tax evasion of close to 1 million on tobacco 
• R v Jones ( 2012) benefit fraud 
• R v Sangha( 2012) banking fraud and breach of trust 
• R v Klair - Birmingham 2012 mortgage fraud 
• R v Ellis- Wolverhampton - 2012 attempted murder and S18 
• R v Ako Sheik - Wolverhampton - trading standards and car ringing 
• R v Sunner (Wolverhampton 2012) - converting criminal property 
• R v Morgan (Wolverhampton 2012)supply of class A drugs third strike - duress defence acquitted 
• R v Singh - Hull Crown Court 2012 - confiscation and human trafficking case 
• R v Brown - Derby Crown Court - 2011 multi million pound car ringing fraud 
• R v Nelson - Nottingham confiscation 
• R v Hall - 2012 Nottingham - money laundering and converting crimianl property 
• Z Hussain (2011) - Oxford Crown Court, high value estate agent fraud
• R v Sangha (Wolverhampton 2011) - Banking Fraud
• R v Lee (London 2010) - multi million pound credit card fraud 
• R v Waterstone (Wolverhampton 2011) - high value benefit fraud 
• R v Patel (London - 2010) - multi million pound mortgage fraud 
• R v Sahota (Wales 2011) - Immigration fraud 
• R v Sanghera (Birmingham 2010) - housing fraud 
• R v Singh (Wolverhampton 2010) - conspiracy to defraud financial institutions 
• R v Thear - (Southwark Crown Court 2011) - Leading Junior in multi million pound Corporate Identity Fraud
• R v Z & Hussain - (Oxford Crown Court 2011) - Trading Standards fraud
• R v Lawrence - (Staffordshire Crown Court 2011) - Murder
• R v Raden - (Wolverhampton Crown Court 2011) - Income tax fraud
• R v Hussain - (Manchester Crown Court 2011) - Multi million pound personal injury fraud on solicitors
• R v Jenning & others - (Leeds 2010) - Mortgage fraud 
• R v singh and others - (Birmingham Crown Court 2010) –represented a defendant involved in a multi million pound international fraud
• R v T and others (Southwark Crown Court) – Represented a defendant accused of a multi million pound identity fraud with links to fraudulent banking and terrorism
• R v Baden - (Wolverhampton 2010) – represented a defendant accused of a 20 year plus fraud on the inland revenue and customs 
• R v Singh - (Southwark 2009) - multi million pound fraud 
• R v Birch- (Liverpool 2009) – represented a defendant accused of VAT and money laundering fraud 
• R v Ali – represented a defendant in multi millon pound confiscation hearing following a fraud on several banks 
• R v Dosangh (Derby 2008 defence) crown alleged that the murder of a white man by an asian man was racist.
• R v Lawrence (Wolverhampton 2008 defence) rape of wife by husband
• R v Raja (Leeds 2008 defence) defended one of 12 defendants involved in multi million pound car ringing
• R v Gardner (Wolverhampton 2007 defence) leading junior in case involving child abuse
• R v Williams (Stafford 2007 defence) leading junior in multi million pound class A drug supply
• R v D (Wolverhampton 2007 defence) leading junior defended woman accused of sexual abuse upon her children
• R v Devine (Wolverhampton 2007 defence) gang related murder
• R v HSC (Birmingham defence 2007) MTIC fraud 
• R v Johal (Wolverhampton 2007) confiscation and restraint proceedings
• R v Townsend (Birmingham 2006 defence) leading junior in multi million pound drug conspiracy
• R v Kenny (Birmingham 2006) a leading junior defending in complex case ILA fraud
• R v Booth (Worcester 2005 defence) leading junior in armed robbery
• R v Aziz (Croydon 2004) leading junior in multi million pound class A importation and supply 
• R v Simms (2004 defence) leading junior in MTIC fraud
• R v Sahota (Wolverhampton Crown Court 2003) leading junior in multi million pound VAT fraud
• R v Taft (Birmingham 2003 Crown Court) leading junior in a case involving evasion of tax and defrauding employees of pension contributions.
• R v Aston (Birmingham 2002 defence) n a case involving 34 counts of murder and robbery of elderly victims
• R v Ali (2001 – leading junior in conspiracy to evade VAT)
• R v B (Leicester 1990 defence) junior in first case of rape by husband on wife
• R v Barrat queens bench restraint proceedings