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Earl Pinnock Crime

Earl is a well established, busy criminal defence specialist. His impressive practice wins him diverse instructions from a wide range of practices throughout the country. Friendly and approachable, he operates from No5's London and Birmingham offices.

He routinely defends the gamut of serious crime including murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, white collar fraud, drugs conspiracies, bribery and corruption, proceeds of crime, money laundering, riot, violent disorder, armed robbery, aggravated burglary, firearms offences, sexual offences, gang crime, people trafficking, heavy violence, blackmail and kidnap.

He has the happy knack of quickly conversing with all personality types from all sorts of backgrounds. His client handling skills are exceptional. Vulnerable clients appreciate his sensitivity and demanding clients respect his strength. All welcome the rigorous attention he gives to their particular situation. He has the common touch and his lucid, direct style wins the confidence of juries. 

He defends in high profile cases both alone and led. Recent defences include: Dr Joyce Trail in the UK's largest NHS dental fraud; the 2011 Birmingham Riots trials; a husband accused of murdering his wife who was said to have been possessed by spirits at the time of her death; a number of cocaine importation conspiracies; an armed robbery carried out by public school teenagers involving the discharge of firearms; a paranoid schizophrenic stabbing his mother's boyfriend to death.

He frequently appears in the Court of Appeal and has developed an expertise in using Judicial Review to challenge decisions of the criminal courts. He has a sound knowledge of common aspects of criminal practice including pathological evidence, DNA evidence, psychological / psychiatric evidence and cell site evidence. 

His exposure to a range of professionals has led to appearances before professional disciplinary panels where honed advocacy skills are at a premium. He has successfully represented doctors, dentists, psychologists and lecturers amongst others.

In his early career he practiced as a law lecturer. Having completed the Bar as a mature student, he spent some years as an in-house advocate in the commercial litigation department of a prominent firm of solicitors. Some of this work continued in his early Bar career. He has a clear grasp of the commercial / legal environment which assists his defence of high value fraud allegations. 

In recent years he has frequently represented Nigerian, Congolese, Zimbabwean, South African and other African defendants in allegations ranging from VHCC fraud to murder. Of Jamaican parentage, he has earned a loyal following from the domestic Caribbean / Black British legal community and has now successfully progressed these alliances into fruitful relationships with solicitors based in the Caribbean. 

Earl is licensed to accept Direct Public Access Work. 

He is a loyal member of what is regarded as one of the country's pre-eminent Criminal advocacy teams. 


Major Scholar of Middle Temple


BA 2:1 ( Joint Honours) Law and American Studies, Keele


Criminal Bar Association


R v Ali-Sharif 2013
Series of s18 attacks on prison officers using broken television glass secreted in defendant's fists.  Complex psychiatric evidence
R v Connolly 2013
Sophisticated drug conspiracy operating between Plymouth and Liverpool

R v Banbury and others 2012
Indictment alleging possession of firearms with intent to endanger life and riot 

R v Mumtaz and others 2012 (ongoing)
Client and other family member accused of suffocating his wife and other members of his family. Case involved conflicting and complex pathological evidence and features expert cultural evidence attesting to belief in Jinn (spirit) possession in Islamic culture. 

R v Trail and others 2012
Contracted case where dentist client accused of a £1.4 million fraud on the NHS. 

R v Atkinson and others 2012
Multi handed drug conspiracy based upon evidence obtained by undercover police operative.

R v Osbourne and others 2012
Client one of 19 defendants accused of participating in conspiracy to burgle and steal high value vehicles. Case involves prosecution reliance on copious cell site evidence.

R v Thompson
Serial arsonist facing new arson allegations, involving complex psychiatric evidence

R v Stokes 2012
Night club doorman charged with assaulting and hospitalising punter Assault captured on CCTV . Jury accept defence of pre-emptive self defence.

R v King 2012
Sophisticated fraud on serving members of armed forces 

R v McMullen and others 2011
Armed robbery of garage involving discharge of firearms orchestrated by inner city gang. Successful public school defendants of previous good character ran duress defence. 

R v Colbourne and others 2011
Multi million pound company false trading allegation

R v Hall and others 2011 
Group robbery on targeted domestic premises where an occupant held at knifepoint as house ransacked. Crown case centred on voice recognition 

R v Norford 2011 
School teacher charged with 20 year old sexual abuse allegations by his ex- pupils prompted by chance discovery on-line of more contemporary allegations by pupils. 

R v Gibson 2011 
Multi handed Caribbean drug importation conspiracy

R v Balela 2011
Congolese client facing rape and sexual assault allegation. Jury accept his contention that his wife was treating him as her sex slave and acquit. 

R v Marshall 2011
Client faced murder allegation after inexplicable knife attack on mother's partner. Crown eventually accepted manslaughter.

R v Bule 2011
Congolese client faced several charges of historic rape of his step daughter.

R v Nsemi 2011
University student acquitted of sexual assault of fellow student.