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Barrister - david howker

Year of Call:  1982

Year of Silk:  2002

David Howker QC Crime CV

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Senior Practice Manager
Andrew Trotter

Practice Group Clerks
Michael Powell
Craig Nicholls
Peter Mottram
Jonathan Wagstaff

Practice Director
Tony McDaid

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David Howker QC - Crime

A specialist in criminal law for over 30 years.

Cited as a leading silk in Chambers and Partners and the Legal 500.

Practice is wide ranging and encompasses serious general crime and fraud.

Formerly Standing Counsel HMC&E during which time prosecuted many of the major Revenue cases of the day including excise duty and VAT evasion, Common Agricultural Policy fraud, anti dumping duty and import levy fraud.

Since taking silk in 2002 has developed a nationwide defence practice handling the most serious cases including murder/manslaughter, firearms, drugs, sexual offences, corruption and exploitation. 

Murder cases include domestic killings, contract and gangland killings.

Long experience in fraud work reflected in instructions in a variety of cases including VAT and Revenue evasion, European Union fraud, money laundering, pensions and takeover frauds. Clients include lay people, professionals (accountants, financial advisers, solicitor, company directors) and limited companies operating in a number of sectors (building industry, Financial Services, accountancy, law, professional football, telecommunications). 

Appeared in many major revenue frauds over the years ranging from the first prosecution of a diversion fraud (R v Hare - excise duty and VAT evasion) to the largest MTIC fraud to date (R v Cranswick £350 m VAT evasion).

Accepts instructions in Tax Tribunal cases.

Experience in jury tampering cases including the first successful appeals to the Court of Appeal in such a case. (see R v KS (2009) EWCA Crim 2377 and KS v R (2010) EWCA Crim 1756).


R v Gunn and others
The “Trusthorpe Murders”. Revenge killings by notorious Nottingham gangland leader and his associates of the parents of a local man who had crossed him.

R v Weldon and others
Kidnap at gunpoint and killing of a man by defendant and his associates who after killing him burned and buried the body which lay undiscovered for a long time.

R v Stafford
Kidnap, rape and murder of NEC worker in a Birmingham pub. Body disposed of and never recovered. D tried years after the event following extradition.

R v Smith and others
Joint enterprise murder of `have a go hero` following fight at Birmingham social club

R v Wicks
TV executive killed his wife after a row over Sunday lunch. Single blow manslaughter case.

R v Briscoe
Contract killing of husband organised by wife and associate.

R v Glasgow
Brixton shooting after trivial disagreement between youths.
Led to consideration of Criminal Evidence (Witness Anonymity) Act 2008 –see R v Mayers, Glasgow and others [2009] 1 Cr App R 30 CA.

R v Singh
Riot and attempted murder at largest Sikh festival in Europe.

R v Horlock
Beating to death in his own flat of a man who had been involved in trivial disagreement with D and his family. Causation/medical negligence issues.

R v Cranswick
VAT fraud in mobile telephone industry (MTIC). Largest MTIC fraud prosecuted to date. £350m evaded.

R v Sander
Money laundering operation servicing MTIC frauds in Birmingham.
Allegations of jury tampering (see R v KS (2009) EWCA Crim 2377; KS v R (2010) EWCA Crim 1756)

R v Lee and Tallantire
Anti dumping duty fraud involving the importation of Chinese silicon

R v McKenzie
Represented accountant for Derby County FC in a fraud arising from a takeover post relegation from the Premier Division

R v Collins
Represented accountant in VAT fraud in the building trade.

R v Muirhead
Represented solicitor involved in money laundering

R v Moor and others
Financial advisers alleged to be involved in pensions migration fraud.

R v Singh
Allegations of multi million pound fraud through the exploitation of migrant workers in vegetable picking industry supplying major UK supermarkets.

R v Duffy
Represented company directors in allegations of corruption at Vauxhall Plc.

R v Khan
Allegation of corruption of CPS employee to drop charge of assault. 

R v Deo and others
Human trafficking. Europe wide illegal immigration business.

R v W
Allegations of rape and sexual assault of wife over many years

R v G
Allegations of financial and sexual exploitation of Asian shopworker by local businessmen

R v Travers
Defendant acquitted of conspiracy to commit armed robbery in incident which resulted in the Police shooting an alleged co-conspirator dead