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Barrister - chris bright qc

Year of Call:  1985

Year of Silk:  2009

Position:  Head of Clinical Negligence

Chris Bright QC Personal Injury CV

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Senior Practice Managers
Zoe Tinnion
Clare Radburn

Practice Group Clerks
Peter Mottram
Richard Carroll
James Turner
Clare Smith
Matthew Reeves
Luke Clark

Chief Executive & Director of Clerking
Tony McDaid

Tel: +44 (0) 845 241 7005
Fax: +44 (0) 121 606 1501
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Chris Bright QC - Personal Injury

Chris is recognised by solicitors and the legal directories as a leading personal injury and clinical negligence Silk with a nationwide practice conducting the highest level of catastrophic injury claims in terms of complexity and value e.g. £10m+ (pre- Discount Rate review). At any one time he has conduct of multiple ongoing catastrophic brain and spinal injury, amputation and cerebral palsy/neonatal claims, particularly those involving complex medical and causation issues and issues relating to CCG/Local Authority statutory funding and PPOs. He works nationally for both claimants and defendants, both at first instance and to the Court of Appeal and regularly works with leading provincial and London solicitors and national defendant insurer firms.

Chris is Head of the Clinical Negligence Group at No5 and is involved with national organisations such as AvMA, Headway and the Spinal Injuries Association. He took Silk in 2009 and in the same year was awarded the Birmingham Law Society’s 'Barrister of the Year' Award. He is a member of PIBA and regularly lectures to solicitors and medico-legal organisations upon subjects such as litigating catastrophic head/spinal injury, amputation and cerebral palsy claims, the use of experts and periodical payments and CCG/local authority funding.


"Very attentive to detail. He adopts a thorough approach and is well liked and respected." "Very knowledgeable. He is clear and concise, but of utmost importance to clients are his compassion, interest and bedside manner."
Chambers UK, 2018

‘His attention to detail is exemplary.’
Legal 500, 2017

"He is able to marshal the facts of the most complex of cases and provide practical advice in all circumstances. He is a model of clarity in court and is able to relate well to clients." "Chris is very well organised and has a methodical approach. He is meticulous."
Chambers UK, 2017


"Very good with clients, approachable and friendly, while providing clear and firm advice."
Legal 500, 2016

“He is very knowledgeable, communicative and client-focused.” “He has got a good bedside manner with clients.”
Chambers UK 2016

"User-friendly, client-friendly and great on detail."
Legal 500, 2015

Highly regarded for his experience in complex personal injury claims, often involving catastrophic brain and spinal injuries in RTAs. He acts for both claimants and defendants. 
"He doesn't get flustered at thorny, difficult issues: he can look at things, break them down, approach things logically and come up with thoughtful options."
"He's got a very good bedside manner and a good way of explaining things to clients in easy, comprehensible terms." 

Chambers UK 2015

Handles complex cases which commonly have issues of causation and PCT/local authority funding. He is regarded as a specialist in catastrophic injury and cerebral palsy cases. 
"He is very forensic in how he considers claims. He looks at them in their minutiae." 
"He has a very good bedside manner and a good way of explaining things to clients in easily comprehensible terms." 
Chambers UK 2015

'A clinical negligence barrister who is at the top of his game.'
'Very able and experienced.'
Legal 500 2014

Remains well known among both claimant and defendant solicitors for the quality and experience he brings to catastrophic claims. 
"He's very impressive in conference and court. He has a very good grasp of complex issues, and he's very easy to contact."
"He is always totally in control, meticulous and very impressive." 
"He has fantastic analytical ability and is very good on his feet." 
Chambers UK 2014

The ‘personable’ and ‘well-prepared’ Chris Bright QC has ‘considerable expertise’, and is noted for his ‘ability to handle the most complex matters’. He is ‘able quickly to identify the legal issues involved in a case’
Legal 500 2013

Christopher Bright QC specialises in catastrophic head and spinal injury claims, and has niche expertise in handling cases involving complex issues of healthcare or local authority funding. 
Chambers UK 2013

Chris Bright QC who specialises in catastrophic head and spinal injury claims, singled out. 
Legal 500 2012

Christopher Bright QC is a recently appointed silk who is "very scientific in his approach." He has a regular caseload of multimillion-pound brain injury RTA cases. 
Chambers and Partners 2011


Re: M El D. Lump sum of £3.625m gross and an unusual and complex PPO of £250,000 pa for care/case management in the UK, £175,000 in Egypt, £125,000 in Libya, £110,000 in Tunisia etc. Lump sum equivalent £12m+. (Complex TBI claim involving a Libyan national on holiday in the UK. International expert evidence obtained/immigration case run in parallel).

Re: DP. Lump sum of £2.5m and PPO of £230,000 pa (Post-RTA catastrophic brain injury with complex issues around continuity of PCT funding, double recovery and the necessary reverse indemnities).

Re: JT. Lump sum of £2.5m with no Peters’ undertaking thereby preserving PCT funding of £68,000 pa (Householder suffering TBI in his garden due to a falling tree branch; liability keenly disputed. Approved settlement based upon assessments of security of CCG/local authority funding and clinical, residential and care needs).

Re: LP. Approved lump sum of £12m (Acting for the Defendant in an RTA involving a catastrophic TBI to a teenager with a near-normal life expectancy, resulting in complex physical, cognitive, behavioural and dysexecutive deficits, including issues of gender dysphoria/identity issues, mandating 24-hour care for his safety and that of others. Favourable (pre- Discount Rate review) lump sum settlement of £12m agreed by insurers/re insurers in order to avoid a PPO for care/case management of c. £200,000 pa and neuropsychological, therapeutic, accommodation and Court of Protection/Deputyship costs for life).

Re: PA. Lump sum settlement of £3.25m (Acting for the Defendant in a RTA claim re a motorcyclist who suffered CRPS rendering his dominant right arm functionally useless, along with a severe psychiatric condition. Involvement of the Court of Protection in concluding, very exceptionally that the Claimant had capacity to undergo an amputation in January 2015. Very complex issues on causation, prosthetics use and take up of care).

Re: CL. Lump sum award of £700,000+ and periodical payments of £100,000+ per annum (post-RTA brain injury/approved settlement/young claimant with a near-normal life expectancy).

Re: SS. Approval of a £1.6m discounted lump sum settlement; £2.64m at 100% (RTA brain injury to a teenager who stepped onto a dual carriageway with recovery of 60% in the Claimant’s favour. Multiple issues on levels of independence, accommodation and take-up of care/case management due to the Claimant’s ethnicity and supportive extended family. Religious considerations in relation to interest accruing and devotional giving to the poor).

Re: WZ. £2.4m (Serious spinal cord injury to 32 year old Polish male Claimant cyclist. Provisional damages award due to the risk of a syrinx. Issues around the cost of/take-up of care in Poland, future deterioration (including upper limb musculoskeletal problems) and full-time wheelchair use, comparative life expectancy in England/Poland (Professor Strauss involved). Polish financial/tax advice necessary in order to achieve a declaration of exemption from tax in Poland. Award included the capital cost and replacement costs for an Exoskeleton).

Re: HH. £4.25m (Complex post-RTA brain injury with difficult issues on provision of accommodation and periodical payments, in particular upon the Defendant insurer’s ability or inability to give reasonable security for continuity of payments pursuant to section 2(3) of the Damages Act 1996 as amended).

Re: F. £3m (brain damage to pedestrian following collision).

Re: YGL. (Life changing spinal injury on unusual facts when, during dancing the Claimant’s then partner lifted her and dropped her on her neck causing a spinal fracture and paralysis.  Challenging issues on liability as ‘horseplay’ accidents usually occur in an employment scenario. Claim argued on a number of authorities and succeeded; liability conceded. Proceeding on quantum).

Re: DC. Approved settlement of £750,000/£1m gross with preservation of extensive statutory funding (Severe post-RTA brain injury to a Claimant in a minimally conscious (and arguably vegetative) state requiring 24 hour care. Liability keenly disputed; D2 as Article 75 Insurer having gained declaration voiding insurance policy due to D1’s non-disclosure. Favourable settlement of 75% of damages to be assessed, including all indemnity issues (ex turpi causa due to illegal racing/alleged knowledge of non-insurance), and contributory negligence (alleged knowledge of alcohol consumption/non-seatbelt use)). 

Re: PD. £1.4m (Complex claim in which a promising IT consultant was assaulted both inside and outside a public house, knocked unconscious into the road and then run over, causing severe head and bodily injuries. Issues of liability, foreseeability, contributory negligence and causation).


BA (Hons) Law/Politics (Durham)


Recorder - Crown and County Courts