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Barrister - Cathlyn Orchard

Senior Practice Manager
Andrew Trotter

Practice Group Clerks
Craig Nicholls
Michael Powell 
Drew Platt
James Harte
Daniel Lillis
Marc Forrest-Thomas

Chief Executive & Director of Clerking
Tony McDaid

Tel: +44 (0) 845 210 5555
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Cathlyn Orchard Crime

Covers a broad range of cases, both defending and prosecuting, from serious violence against the person, rape and other sexual offences, robbery, driving offences resulting in death and serious injury, child cruelty, firearms and drugs offences.

Considerable experience dealing with vulnerable witnesses and defendants with special needs, use of intermediary and special measures, disclosure issues and public interest immunity, use of surveillance and cell site evidence and other expert evidence

A number of appearances in the Court of Appeal representing appellant and respondent and on issues of safety conviction and sentence.

Grade 4 prosecutor with serious sexual crime panel member

Represents teachers for sexual and violent offences alleged against pupils


BA (Hons), Diploma Law (City University)


Criminal Bar Association
Member midland circuit


R v I    (2017) successful defence of teacher charged with historic sexual offences against a former pupil

R v M – successful defence of a teacher accused of sexually assaulting his 7 year old pupil. Required sensitive and skilful handling of young complainant to elicit evidence to assist the defence

R v S – successful prosecution of a man for attempted murder following a stabbing in a nightclub

R v A – successful defence of man accused of multiple rapes of girlfriend’s teenage daughter where his dna was recovered from her knickers and his case was that he had been “set up”. Required fearless and detailed cross-examination of the complainant and careful preparation and presentation of expert evidence

R v S&G – successful prosecution of both parents for causing or allowing serious injury to their baby. Issues of medical expert evidence and disclosure from family proceedings

R v D – successful prosecution of bank robber following his escape from prison. Featured on Crimewatch. Involved expert body mapping evidence. Life imprisonment resulted.

R v F, H & K – successful prosecution of men for gun-point robbery and serious assault with a machete. Witnesses required sensitive handling.

R v E – junior counsel in prosecution of man for historic familial sexual offences, complex legal issues involving potential autrefois acquit/abuse of process, linked criminal proceedings in which I provided pre-charge advice, 30 years of social services material

R v F – successful defence of man accused of multiple serious sexual offences against his step daughter