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Anthony Bell - Crime

Anthony has a criminal defence practice including serious fraud of all descriptions, drugs conspiracies, money laundering, murder, rape and large scale disorder.  He is familiar with the forfeiture, confiscation and civil recovery provisions of POCA.  His cases are prosecuted by all the prosecuting authorities.  He acts as a Junior and as a Leading Junior.  He lives in London and works mainly in London and the Midlands.  He is also a member of the regulatory group.

He is married with three children but still finds the time occasionally to watch Portsmouth FC

Some of the more serious cases in which Anthony has appeared in the recent past have included:

S & ots (2007 – 2013 Birmingham Crown Court)
Long-firm fraud and consequential confiscation proceedings and appeals

B (2009 Reading Crown Court)
Murder by stabbing in Reading town centre.  Unled and without a Junior

S (2009 Southwark Crown Court)
Perverting the course of justice / perjury – the Defendant was an interpreter and translator who had lied on oath about his dealings with a corrupt local councilor

J (2010 Southwark Crown Court)
Prosecution by HSE after a worker drowned in River Thames.  Case stopped at half-time, and prosecution appeal against ruling not proceeded with

M (2010 Gloucester Crown Court)
Laundering proceeds of theft of £1.5m from solicitors client accounts

J (2010 Warwick Crown Court)
Indecent assault by Hindu priest on young people in whose homes he was staying

R (2010-12 Birmingham Crown Court)
Car clamper prosecuted for conspiracy to defraud, consequential confiscation proceedings

H & ots (2011 Birmingham Crown Court)
Laundering the proceeds of a very large construction industry tax fraud

M (2011 Isleworth Crown Court)
Conspiracy to import £50m of cannabis

B (2012 CCC)
Murder and subsequent hiding of body.  Leading Junior

P (2013 Isleworth)
Money laundering.  Large amounts of cash in safety deposit box

G (2013 Birmingham)
Prison escape

K (2013 Birmingham)
Rape allegations against Defendant previously found unfit to stand trial

L (2013-2014 Stafford)
Large scale Ponzi-style investment fraud

B (2013-2015 Mold)
Drugs conspiracy.  Issues of A-G’s consent to prosecute

C (2014-2016 Southwark)
Insider Trading

N (2015 Luton)
Fraud against men contacted via sugardaddy.com

S (2015 Birmingham)
Conspiracy to supply firearms

K (2016 Birmingham)
Large scale conspiracy to supply class A drugs

R (2016 Warwick)


Choudhury [1996] 2 Cr.App.R 484 (VAT Act 1983 section 39(3) / drafting of Indictment)
Sookoo  The Times, April 10, 2002 (Perverting the course of justice)
Bianco  [2002] 1 Archbold News 2 (Duress – withdrawing defence from Jury)
Eubank [2002] 1 Cr.App.R.(S) 4 (Need for separate count alleging possession of firearm in Robbery Indictment when in issue)
Sagoo [2014] 2 W.L.R. 233 (Confiscation – delay, apportionment)