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Andrew Wallace - Crime

Andrew Wallace specializes exclusively in crime, but has a strong background in public care family work which often involves serious allegations made against parents of the neglect, sexual or physical abuse of their children.

Andrew was for two years a visiting lecturer at the University of Central England in the subjects of Criminal Evidence, and Jurisprudence. In the past two years he has regularly given lectures to the West Midlands Police Sexual Offences Training College on the subject of Preliminary Investigations into Sexual Offences.

Andrew Wallace has extensive experience prosecuting and defending all types of criminal work: 

Serious violence including attempted murder: 
R v Frank Wade (2012) – Stafford Crown Court – The Defendant attempted to murder his wife by suffocating her.

Sexual offences including rape:
R v G (2011) – Worcester Crown Court – A husband was charged with the false imprisonment and multiple rapes of his wife.

R v Timothy Faulkner (2010) – Coventry Crown Court – The Defendant sexually assaulted, filmed and/or raped his victims when they were asleep or unconscious

R v Brian Parker (2010) – Hereford Crown Court – Sexual abuse of a great-grand-daughter

R v Kieran Walker (2009) – Stafford Crown Court – The rape and sexual assaults of underage girls

Drugs offences including substantial importations and test purchase operations and cannabis factories:
Operation Pink Duck/Yellowstone – Drugs Conspiracy – Birmingham Crown Court – Junior in a complex class A drugs conspiracy, involving 2 police forces, a large number of Defendants across the country and the sourcing and supplying of kilogram packages of heroin and cocaine from Liverpool to Birmingham, where it was cut before being delivered to Sussex where it was sold on the streets.

R v Muncy and Playdon (2009) – Stafford Crown Court – Several large residential or commercial premises converted into large scale cannabis factories

R v Mottram and Others (2008) – Peterborough Crown Court – The importation of £1 million worth of class A drugs

R –v- S Complex case involving possession of a handgun by a defendant who had both mental health and physical health issues
R –v- G Domestic dispute involving a young child seeing the defendant in possession of a firearm

Benefit Fraud:
R v Alice Gough (2012) – Wolverhampton Crown Court – The Defendant obtained over £100,000 of benefit payments to which she was not entitled

Serious Fraud:
R v Jamie Hunter (2012) – The Defendant and his associates obtained his grandmother’s property by forgery, demolished the property, developed it and sold it for £1.2 million.

Large scale violent disorders with multiple Defendants

Aggravated Burglary:
R –v- Loveridge defendant part of a gang who stole cars from outside homeowners properties using violence

R v Selwyn Hall (2009) – Birmingham Crown Court – A man with a history of targeting elderly females in their own home, blind-folding them sexually assaulting them and burgling their homes

Armed Robbery:
R v Ricardo Cousins (2010) – Birmingham Crown Court – The Defendant and a group of other young males robbed a family in their own home at gunpoint

R v Padda and Others (2010) – Birmingham Crown Court – The night time kidnaps of a shopkeeper and his assistant to obtain the alarm codes to his shop

Regulatory Crime:
Including a prosecution involving a fatality when an employee was electrocuted at a building site

Andrew has also been a junior in several murder and fraud and drugs cases:
Operation Uplink (2010) – Murder – A shooting of a bar owner in Bilston, case involved joint enterprise, the main 2 defendants being sentenced to 28 and 29 years respectively.

Operation Jumbar (2009) – Manslaughter – Birmingham Crown Court – Several Defendants forced their way into the victim’s home, whereupon he threw himself out of the window of his flat and was fatally injured


LLB (Hons)