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Andrew Keogh - Crime

Andrew both prosecutes and defends. he has undertaken serious and substantial work in crime, including as a leading junior.

In addition to his Bar work Andrew is also a published novelist, ‘twentytwelve’ was published by Adonis and Abbey in March 2006.

Andrew Keogh writes the criminal law notes for Insitelaw online magazine and has contributed commentaries on criminal cases for Butterworth’s Lexis Nexis. Andrew has also appeared on Radio 4 Law in Action.


B.Sc. Econ - London School of Economics


South Eastern Circuit
Criminal Bar Association
Criminal Law Group


R v Kilchmann & others - leading junior brief in 10-week trial for causing a public nuisance (new age travellers organising an unlicensed festival).

R v Willington (2 cases) - advance fee fraud, leading junior brief in second case.

R v Richards & others - anal gang rape on 14 year old girl - first on indictment

R v Lu & others (2 cases) - Chinese ‘snakehead’ gangs perpetrating a series of extremely violent robberies - leading junior brief in second case.

R v Croucher - prosecuting serving police officer on thirty counts of theft of police property.

R v Brock - double attempted murder.

R v Samms & others - ‘Yardie’ large scale conspiracy to supply crack cocaine

R v Nicholson & others - 6 week conspiracy to rob

R v Fullerton & others - 5 week murder and perverting the court of justice by burning body of deceased.

R v Forbes - £8 million money laundering case

Cases conducted in the Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal:

R v Dan [2003] EWCA 3622

R v McCloud [2003] EWCA Crim 2195

R v McDonagh [2003] EWCA Crim 1275

R v Thompson & Boyce [2001] EWCA Crim 1143

R v Lewis [2001] EWCA Crim 831

R v Conroy & Fitzgerald (08/08/2000) 9905794

R v Twig (06/07/99) 9903402Z2

R v Robb [1996] 2Cr App R (S) 414

R v Henry (19/10/98) 9803071W4

C&P Haulage v Middleton [1983] 1WLR1461, [1983] 3 All ER 94

Potsos v Theodotou [1991] HLR 356