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Andrew Baker - Crime

Andrew Baker was called in 1990. He has since developed a strong nationwide criminal defence practice in five main areas:

Allegations of rape and child abuse;
Homicide and serious offences of violence;
Major drugs offences involving confiscation under the Proceeds of Crime Act; and
Regulatory Offences under the Medicines Act and farming and veterinary legislation.

He has a reputation as a strong advocate and formidable cross-examiner in difficult and complex cases.

Mr Baker also has appeared on many occasions in the Court of Appeal: Criminal Division in relation to historic allegations of sexual abuse and drugs cases. 

Before being called to the Bar he qualified as a pharmacist. As a result he often defends in complex prosecutions under the Medicines Act and advises on the legality of importation and distribution of pharmaceutical and veterinary products.

He also has a strong interest in any cases involving animals or farming.

Recent cases in the Crown Court include:

R v B (Stafford Crown Court) – murder;
R v B and B (Stoke Crown Court) – eight week historic child abuse;
R v B (Bristol Crown Court) – historic rape and child abuse resulting in stay of proceedings after two trials;
DEFRA v C (Croydon Crown Court) – the largest importation of illicit veterinary products;
R v H (Birmingham Crown Court) – leading junior in conspiracy to murder by serving police officer; 
HMRC v B – HM Customs prosecution of fake vodka production - subject of a Radio 4 documentary;
R v M (Winchester Crown Court) – murder;
R v R (Stafford Crown Court) – large bank fraud;
R v P (Lincoln Crown Court) – rape;
R v W (Winchester Crown Court) – murder;
R v W (Birmingham Crown Court) – rape.

Recent cases in the Court of Appeal: Criminal Division

Garmson [2009] EWCA Crim 2698 – leading case on low copy DNA;
P & P – (11th October 2012) successful appeal against conviction for historic sexual offences;

E (2011) EWCA Crim 460 – successful appeal against conviction 6 years after conviction for rape following inaccurate and misleading evidence DNA having been given by the prosecution.


BSc, Dip Law (City), MRPharmS


R -v- D (Stoke)
Defendant acquitted following a 3 day trial

R -v- L (Stoke)
Defendant charged with possessing and producing indecent images

R -v- Kidner (Stafford)
Multi handed trial involving £11k of counterfeit currency

R -v- Aziz (Stoke)
Gang related wounding and possessing of firearm trial. Represented one of 5 defendants. Jury were discharged after 4 days and a 9 day retrial followed

R -v- M (Stoke) 
Trial and sunsequent retrial, defendant charged with sexual acts with a child

R -v- H (Stafford)
3 day Rape trial 

R -v- B & B (Stoke) One of two defendants charged with Child neglect and historical abuse. Jury discharged 6 days into a trial and the retrial was listed almost 2 years later when the defendants were acquitted on submission 3 weeks into the trial

R -v- G (Stoke)
4 day Rape trial

R -v- P ( Stafford)
Defendant acquitted of historical rape after 4 day trial

R -v- McInnes (Stafford)
Defendant charged with serious assault, Prosecution offered no evidence after 5 days

R -v- Boyd ( Stafford)
Multi handed murder trial of a drug dealer. Jury discharged over issues of fitness to plead, subsequent 5 week retrial involved many expert witnesses

R -v- Hawthorne (Stafford)
Defendant charged as part of a gang charged with S18 wounding where complainant had jaw broken. 9 day trial

R -v- Smith (Bournemouth)
6 day trial, defendant charged woth wounding with intent

R -v- Columbo (Wolverhampton)
Defendant charged with a domestic murder

R -v- M (Birmingham)
6 day sexual assault with a child trial

R -v- D (Snaresbrook)
Defendant charged with 2 sexual assaults which had to be tried seperately

R -v- D (Cambridge)
9 day Rape Trial

R -v- Connolly (Croydon)
Defendant charged as part of a £6m fraud involving the supply of prescription vetinary medicines

R -v- McAteer (Durham)
Defendant charged with trades descripton offences involving horse passports