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Barrister - adrian keeling

Year of Call:  1990

Year of Silk:  2011

Position:  Deputy Head of Chambers and Head of Regulatory, Misconduct & Compliance

Adrian Keeling QC Crime CV

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Senior Practice Manager
Andrew Trotter

Practice Group Clerks
Craig Nicholls
Michael Powell 
Drew Platt
James Harte
Daniel Lillis
Marc Forrest-Thomas

Chief Executive & Director of Clerking
Tony McDaid

Tel: +44 (0) 845 210 5555
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Adrian Keeling QC - Crime

Adrian has a criminal practice at the highest level both locally and nationally. He both prosecutes and defends. He specialises in the most difficult cases.

He has particular ability and experience in cases which are very complicated. These include ones that are complicated due to either their very nature or allegation, or the sheer volume of material; such as large scale frauds, multi defendant murder cases, or extensive drug cases. He has the ability to digest and then marshal a huge volume of evidence.

Adrian is also someone who can understand and convey to a jury the most intellectually complicated cases – such as misconduct in public office and gross negligence manslaughter. He is sought out and instructed by specialist organisations for these skills, be it prosecuting for CPS Organised Crime, Specialist Fraud Division, CPS Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division, or defending for the Police Federation, the Prison Officers Association or specialist solicitors. He recently defended two News International journalists in Operation Elveden at the Old Bailey in separate trials lasting several months.

He has the strong ability to understand the complex, but further to then explain it in clear and simple terms. He has a very good understanding of the financial world and finds commercial concepts easy to understand and deal with.

He regularly undertakes criminal cases of the most serious nature. These include countless murder and attempted murder cases, along with all other levels of violence including riot. He is described as have a “charming jury manner” along with “brilliant client care”.

He prides himself on his relations with his client and further his ability to build and lead a team.

He has extensive appellate experience in the Court of Appeal.

Recent Directory Listing include;

Chambers UK 2017 – Crime
He is robust in court and gets very good results." "He is charming and persuasive and takes a superb tactical approach."

Legal 500 – 2017
Leading silk in Crime
“Recommended for serious, multi-defendant crime matters.”

Chambers UK 2016
“He is a terrific advocate, takes proper points and has a lovely touch with the courts”
“He’s impressive because he’s not fazed by anything”.
“He is noted for his diligent approach and his attention to detail by his peers”       
“He’s a terrific advocate”

Legal 500 2016 – Tier 1 Crime
“Practices at the highest level, locally and nationally.’

Significant Cases include;

Middlesbrough Football Club (Nottingham 2018)
Represented the Club avoiding payment of a quarter of a million pounds to a player intermediary convicted of fraud.

R v Jeffrey (Birmingham 2018)
Insurance backed defence of a professional lorry driver charge with causing serious injury by his dangerous driving on the M42.

R v Ellis (Birmingham 2018)
Defended Miss Ellis charged with murder. The case included a cut throat defence with her partner, and complicated issues of diminished capacity.

R v Greenfield and Others (Birmingham 2017)
Successfully represented one of three serving officers charged with perjury at an Inquest into the high-profile death in custody of Kingsley Burrell. The case received a very large amount of media interest.

R v Ozgur Kaplan (Leeds 2017)
Represented Mr Kaplan charged with cheating the revenue as part of a multimillion pound importation of alcohol through Poland. The trial lasted for 3 months and involved the complex analysis of several inter linking businesses.

R v Shah and others (Southwark 2017)
Instructed by the CPS Fraud division to prosecute a 10 defendant multi-million-pound international money laundering ring. This complicated 2-month trial operated through Money Transfer Bureaus and spanned the world from China to the Gulf.

Wilkes v Others (2017)
Represented several officers facing a private prosecution by a member of the public.

Coughlan v NCA (2017 High Court)
Represented Mr Coughlan seeking to commit a serving officer of the NCA to prison for contempt of court for dishonesty in a proceeds of crime hearing. The case was the first of its type. It involved an analysis of alleged criminal financial misconduct.

Operation Springtide (Stafford 2016)
Prosecution of 9 defendants for sexual abuse of underage girls in and around the travelling community.

R v Fiaz Shariff (London)
Successful representation of a company director charged with criminal offences.

R v NM (Birmingham 2016)
Successfully represented an Assistant Chief Constable charged with criminal offences.

R v Rowbotham (Warwick 2016)
Represented Mr Rowbotham as one of three charged with murder. The case also involved extensive consideration of pathological evidence and the law of joint enterprise.

R v Jonathon Davies (Wolverhampton 2016)
Successfully represented the defendant who was a professional doorman charged with murder at a social event when he was working.

R v Emery (Birmingham 2016)
Prosecution for murder. The case involved International cooperation with Italy and issues of diminished responsibility. Successfully resisted the subsequent defence appeal after conviction.

DS Stuart Hinton (Warwickshire 2016)
Successful defence of the officer charged with misconduct arising out of the interviewing of Andrew Mitchell MP about Plebgate.

R v Reynolds (Worcester 2016)
Defence of a financial adviser charged with fraud. Overlap with FSA allegations.

R v Fisher (Stafford Crown Court 2016)
Successful defence of a high-profile company director alleged to have raped his ex-partner. The case was struck out as an abuse.

Operation Falkenbach (Southwark Crown Court 2015)
Prosecuted a 10 defendant conspiracy to Money Launder multi million pounds to the Gulf and South Asia.

R v Melissa Swift (Birmingham CC 2015)
Prosecution of a Residential Home nurse who attempted to murder the elderly patients in her care.

R v W and R v F (Old Bailey 2015)
Defended separate News International Journalists over several months charged with conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office as part of Operation Elveden.

R v Lee Dunkley (Warwick Crown Court 2014)
Successful defence of a man charged with murder where the issue was diffuse axonal head injury causation. Case withdrawn from the jury at the close of the evidence.

H & H (West Mercia 2014)
Represented two senior police officers both accused of tax fraud.

Operation Goal (Birmingham Crown Court 2014)
Prosecution of several linked trials involving the wholesale commercial importation of vast quantities of drugs then distributed nationwide.

Operation Springtide (Stafford Crown Court 2013/4)
Prosecuted a 4-month Fraudulent Trading trial involving commercial miss selling of goods imported from Asia. Expert accountancy evidence was key. All defendants were convicted of all counts.

R v David Anslow Birmingham (Crown Court 2012)
Represented Mr Anslow charged with the contract killing shooting of Michael Regan.

R v F (Leeds Crown Court 2012 and Court of Appeal)
Represented a serving prison officer charged with misconduct in a public office over a month long trial which included allegations of sexual relations and smuggling to inmates. 

R v FB (Norwich Crown Court 2012)
Represented Mr FB charged with a high yield investment fraud worth over £40 million. The trial lasted 4 months.

R v X (2012)
Represented an established and highly successful Asian commercial family that faced various allegations of fraud and dishonesty. All allegations were dismissed .

R v Derek Law (2012)
Represented Mr Law charged with the murder of his best friend by beating. Complicated issues of diminished responsibility and alcohol dependence syndrome.

Re B - Inquest (2011)
Representation of a police officer investigated for the murder of his partner.

Operation Purus (2011)
Successful prosecution of the entire gang of 4 defendants charged with the importation of over £60 million pounds of cannabis in false containers.

R v Munir Ali (2010)
Successful  prosecution of the son of a councillor charged with election fraud.

R v J (2010)
Acquittal of  a police officer charged with rape.

Operation Calliper (2010)
Prosecution counsel.
Allegation of bank fraud by bank employees and money laundering amounting to £1.5 million. Six defendants.

Inquest of Ian Terry (2010)
Defence counsel representing several Greater Manchester police firearms training officers in an inquest into the fatal shooting of a colleague in a training exercise.

R v Mangat (2010)
Prosecution counsel.
Court of Appeal hearing that challenged the conviction of a nurse convicted of gross negligence medical manslaughter

Operation Segmen (2009)
Leading prosecution counsel.
SOCA investigation of the largest drug dealing and money laundering gang in Bristol.
Eight defendants.

Operation Perranporth (2009)
Leading prosecution counsel.
A complex series of related drug conspiracies in Warwickshire.
Seven defendants.

R v R (2009)
Defence counsel.
Police child protection officer charged with sexual assault of a child victim.

R v McTigue (2009)
Prosecution counsel.
The manslaughter of the innocent victim of a street attack.

R v W (2009)
Leading Defence counsel.
The acquittal of a serving police officer accused of assisting her son’s murder of the model Amy Leigh Jones in Manchester.

Operation Notion (2009)
Prosecution counsel.
A riot at Birmingham airport between rival Hells Angels and Outlaws motorcycles gangs.
Twelve defendants.

R v Priya Ramnath (2009)
Junior Prosecution counsel.
The gross negligence manslaughter by an anaesthetist of her patient.

R v Zara Bourne (2009)
Junior prosecution counsel.

Operation Budapest (2008)
Junior prosecution counsel.
The prosecution of an entire Outlaws Chapter for the shooting of a Hells Angels biker on the M40.
The largest investigation ever undertaken by Warwickshire police.
Received a Chief Constables Commendation.

R v Moffitt (2008)
Junior Defence counsel.
Represented Mr Moffitt who was charged with a stabbing at a wake.

R v Gannon and others (2008)
Junior Prosecution counsel
The retribution murder by beating of a burglar.
Five defendants.

R v H (2007)
Leading defence junior.
Prosecution of nine serving officers charged in relation to the death of Mikey Powell when arrested. Allegations of assault and misconduct in public office. All acquitted.

Operation Myope. (2007)
Junior Prosecution counsel.
A SOCA led prosecution of a series of drug conspiracies in the Nottingham area.
Nineteen defendants.

R v Nazam and Nazam (2005)
Prosecution Counsel.
Leading Court of Appeal authority on the effect of Judge’s indication as to sentence.