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Senior Practice Manager:
Abdul Hafeez

Practice Group Clerks:
Craig Wain
Gavin John
Lucas Bennett
Chris Graham

Chief Executive & Director of Clerking
Tony McDaid

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Prison & Police Law

The lives, hopes and expectations of prisoners are subject to greater control by the state than virtually any other group of citizens. Their rights to early release, parole and access to training courses have all been tested in the courts in recent years and No5 barristers have acted in the leading cases. No5 barristers appear for prisoners to assert these rights and ensure that the discretionary power of the state is not unlawfully exercised to breach prisoners' rights.

Building on the strength of our experience both Criminal law and Public Law, our particular expertise includes:

  • Representation of prisoners at prison adjudications/ disciplinary hearings, before the Parole Board and before the High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court in the context of judicial review challenges.
  • Conduct of inquests arising in the prison, custody or detention context.
  • Pursuing claims for compensation for miscarriages of justice and related civil litigation including claims for assault, negligence, misfeasance and discrimination on the grounds of race, sex or disability, and claims for breaches of the Human Rights Act 1998.
  • Applications for habeas corpus to secure release from unlawful detention.
  • Appeals against conviction and sentence