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Misconduct & Compliance

No5 brings together the strongest and most extensive team of practitioners in this area. Once instructed we are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for the officer, regardless of obstacle.

We believe that Officers and the Federation should demand the highest level of representation. Many of our team are QC’s or senior juniors. Even the most junior member will enjoy an established reputation for excellence in other disciplines before they are offered. It is our belief that this is an area that demands expertise as well as ability and enthusiasm.

Although members have regularly worked in cases involving the Metropolitan Police it is the Constabularies up and down the country that our reputation for strong but sensible representation has been grown with care. It is our experience that our approach of attacking the merits of the case, rather than standing on ceremony, is one that finds favour with any tribunal; be it a jury or a Chief Constable.

We have experience not only at first instance hearings but also on appeal. We have a determination never to give up on a case, and share experience in pursuing cases to highest level of appeal if needs be to achieve the correct result.

As a result team members are instructed in the highest profile cases nationwide. All team members have a strong and accomplished background in advocacy as a pre requisite.

We provide expertise at every level of the Disciplinary, Coronial and Criminal process.

Disciplinary work
We can provide expert and rapid written or oral advice to meet the time constraints of any hearing. All members have extensive experience in contesting Panel hearings, and then if needs be appealing the decision up to the Police Appeals Tribunal or beyond to achieve the correct outcome.

Coronial work
We have specialists who conduct the most high profile of Inquests. Recent examples include a fatality from a firearms training exercise, fatalities arising out of acts on duty where the officers are being personally criticised, numerous deaths in custody, and an officer himself implicated with homicide.

Criminal work
We understand that no case is too small if the officer is at risk. We represent officers in the Magistrates Court as a matter of course, and provide elite representation up to the highest level when allegations such as rape, murder, and misconduct in public office are made.