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Fraudulent Insurance Claims

"The making of dishonest insurance claims has become all too common."
Millet L.J.

At No5 Chambers we pride ourselves on offering some of the most progressive and forward-thinking legal services in the country.

Often thought of as a victimless crime, the perception is that insurance fraud is on the increase. In recent years insurers have developed and adopted new techniques for detecting fraudulent claims. The gravity of such claims ranges from individuals who attempt to inflate legitimate claims to organised criminal gangs who devise complex and sophisticated scams. From the personal injury perspective, litigation in respect of potentially fraudulent road traffic accidents is now commonplace. We recognise that reality.

We also appreciate the ingenuity of fraudsters. Our personal injury specialists, with a particular interest in fraudulent claims, have developed expertise in this ever-changing area. Insurer clients can be assured that their Counsel will have the requisite understanding and experience to provide sensible and comprehensive advice at all stages of litigation and in relation to all levels of claims.