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Senior Practice Manager
Daniel Griffiths
James Wackett

Practice Group Clerks
James Ashford
Mitchell Nash

Charlie Labrum
Oliver Lee

Chief Executive & Director of Clerking
Tony McDaid

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Banking, Finance & Financial Regulation

Acting for banks and for their customers, we have wide experience of banking disputes including litigation over mandates, cheques, credit/debit cards and electronic funds transfers.

Disputes about securities including guarantees and mortgages, Documentary credits, Tracing mistaken payments, Preservation of assets, freezing and search orders, Negligence claims (acting for both sides) for defective banking services and advice, Credit and asset hire agreements, including disputes over title to pledged moveable property In terms of financial services, we deal with professional conduct and other issues with the FSA, financial intermediary disputes and we have particular expertise in money laundering insofar as it applies in the regulated sector.

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