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Arbitration (Children)

Arbitration provides a real positive alternative to court proceedings. It is entirely confidential and allows parties to resolve their disputes relating to their children.

The process is quicker, flexible and often much more cost effective than the court process. Arbitration provides an opportunity to tailor the procedure to suit the needs of each case in terms of the venue, the date and the specific issues to be determined.

The scheme also allows the parties to choose the Arbitrator thus avoiding the uncertainty of the court process.

No5’s qualified Arbitrator Michele Friel is able to use her expertise and knowledge, spanning over 26 years in practice, to assist parties in reaching a binding decision through the arbitration process.

No5 can provide private, comfortable facilities to conduct the Arbitration. We can offer the service in Birmingham, London, Leicester and Bristol.

If preferred Michele will travel to alternative venues to conduct arbitrations if this is more convenient to the parties.

The fees and any expenses for Michele Friel will be fixed in advance and the costs will normally be shared between the parties.

For more information on children arbitration please refer to the website of the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators (IFLA).

If you would like more information about arbitration at No5 please contact Adam Wadley on 0121 606 6138 or [email protected]

*Please note that any instructions must be made through the IFLA by completing the relevant form.  Please send your completed form, preferably by email, to [email protected] ,  or it can be sent by post to IFLA, PO Box 302, Orpington, Kent BR6 8QX.